Bike MS training update #4: These people are riding to Anchorage!

This past weekend was a great weekend for bike training. Saturday I rode the Atlas ride which is the kickoff ride for the Texas 4000 riders. The Texas 4000 riders are UT students that ride from Austin, Texas to Anchorage Alaska over a 70 day period and more than 4,500 miles. They spread hope, knowledge, and charity while raising funds to fight cancer. It’s a once in a lifetime experience, no rider can ride more than once. I know, I’m jealous too. Day one goes from Cedar Park to Lampasas on either a 53 or 70 mile route. This year, I rode the 53 mile route. The day was gorgeous and the route was generous – it went mostly north with decent wind out of the south and seemed to be more downhill than up. My average speed was quite speedy and I finished nice in early, in time to go back to Austin for a brewery open house.

At the start line, the supply trailer waiting to pull out after the riders.

Texas 4000 riders waiting to start

Tiny little church in Joppa, across from a rest stop.

In early at the finish line, barely no one in the tent

Bike racks waiting for the riders to roll in at the finish


On Sunday it was pretty windy, with wind out of the south again. I stayed on a mostly sheltered route through town for about 21 miles. The sunflowers are gorgeous this time of year.

I call this one sunflowers and railroad tracks


Thanks for reading and remember –  I’m training for the 2012 Pedal to the Point Bike MS ride in northern Ohio. Consider supporting my participation by making a donation today!


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