Unboxing my new Public Bikes cruiser and a bike training update 

Well, I finally added a new bike to my fleet. The right number of bikes is always N+1, where N is the number you currently own, right? I’ve wanted a more laid back bike for slow, short rides that I can just wear normal clothes to ride. Somehow I came across a Public Bikes sale online and knew that I found my next bike. I plan to outfit it with an electric assist wheel along the lines of the Copenhagen Wheel.

The experience of getting a mostly assembled bike straight to your doorstep is pretty great, so I wanted to share it.  

While I’m on the subject of bikes, I decided to postpone this year’s Bike MS ride until September because I’ve had a lot of trouble scheduling my training rides. So that’s why there haven’t been any bike training updates. But don’t worry, I’ll be back at it soon!

The first part I noticed was the awesome box covered in biking quotes.



Then I pulled the mostly assembled bike out of the box. There was a second box that held the fancy bike basket.

  The basket is handmade and came with a hand written number on it.

The bike came with a nice pedal wrench and bike sized Allen wrenches to help with the few assembly tasks.

The only assembly required was to put the handlebars in the stem, adjust the angle of the handlebars, and screw on the pedals. Oh, and put the fancy basket on. What a beauty!