It’s that time… training season for Bike MS

For the next two and a half months I’ll be writing about my bike training shenanigans. You see, each year I ride in a Bike MS event. My first three years doing this, I rode the Houston to Austin BP MS 150 with 13,000 other riders. It’s quite the spectacle. Last year, I rode the Escape to the Lake in Western Pennsylvania, which is where my extended family lives. This year, I’m riding the Pedal to the Point in Northern Ohio on August 4th and 5th. It goes right through my home town! Needless to say, I’m super excited to ride in my old stomping grounds AND somewhere that isn’t Texas in August.

Each weekend I’ll update you on my training progress. This Saturday I rode in the Austin Cycling Association’s Armadillo Ride out in Liberty Hill. Because of the rain this week the temperatures were reasonable, the breeze was light, wildflowers in bloom, and the clouds were variable. All in all, it was a great 52 mile ride to kickoff my training season. The route is always well marked and the rest stops stocked with friendly volunteers. The only downside was a 6 mile stretch we rode both on the out and back route that was so bumpy I thought perhaps my head would rattle off. At least the wildflowers were particularly pretty on that stretch.

Oh, and I got to see the crazy banana bike in action. I’ve seen it out on Loop 360 before and always have to stare.

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