Well hello bike training!

Over the last two weekends, I’ve officially started bike training for Bike MS: Sam’s Club Round Up, the Bike MS event I’m choosing to ride in for this year. The two day ride will be up in the DFW area. I haven’t set up my fundraising page, but don’t worry, I’ll share that soon. For now, I just wanted to share a few photos from my 35 mile training ride today because it was such a gorgeous day. I mean, look at the blue sky! I tried out a few new roads up in NW Austin. They weren’t even just new to me, but they also seemed to have been recently constructed or resurfaced.

Are you ready for my ride recap?


My ride started by passing the new paved trail the city is building that connects Walnut Creek Metro Park with Balcones District Park, west of Mopac. The trail is behind the orange fence on the left:



Just earlier today I read an article about the new Apple campus in Austin, looked at some photos, and then rode right by it. It’s just one building and a parking garage on Parmer Lane, but I believe they are planning to build more:



A nice smooth road and a lovely sky:




An old farmhouse along a new road:



Repaved road with a new bike lane, headed east off of Parmer Lane, north of 1431.




Lovely, big sky:




There were 3 back to back churches along Sam Bass Road:




The Dog House, an off leash dog park plus bar in Cedar Park!




On the way back, I got a picture of the Apple sign:




A little propeller plane!








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