Time to freeze some figs

Our monster fig tree has ripened its first wave of figs. It seems to have been a short wave this time, but it has at least one more wave to go so there will be no shortage of figs.

In addition to giving away figs and eating them as many ways as I can think of (yogurt parfait, flatbread pizza, salad, plain, roasted with goat cheese…) I also went ahead and froze some. Mostly because I recall the deliciousness of a fig cake I made with frozen figs this past winter and I want to repeat the recipe.

Last year I froze some figs whole and some chopped up and mixed with a light coating of sugar. After baking with both kinds over the winter, I prefer the already chopped method so that’s what I did again. When chopping them, I cut off the skin where it’s completely green and pare down some of the white flesh parts because they can be somewhat bitter. I toss them in a bowl with a dusting of granulated sugar, spoon them into freezer bags and use a straw to suck out the excess air. Pretty easy and then they’re ready to freeze!

Chopped figs in a bowl.

Chopped figs in a bowl.

Figs mixed with sugar.

Figs mixed with sugar.

Figs ready for the freezer.

Figs ready for the freezer.


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