Making our house more grown-up

In the last three months or so we’ve made drastic changes to our house. We’ve turned it from the dwelling of two grad students into real adults!

The list:

  • Replaced all carpet with DIY stained concrete floors (that’s a post for another day. It will be LONG).
  • Painted living room, dining room, hallway, bedroom, and trim
  • Had a sliding glass door replaced
  • New (or new to us in some cases) furniture: coffee table, end table, TV stand, LED TV, two storage ottomans, a couch cover, and a soon to be delivered dresser and nightstand set
  • Pet supplies: 2 cat beds and 2 dog bed covers sewn to match the new color scheme, cat scratching post and shelves mounted to a wall
  • Most importantly, a roomba to drive around and vacuum up all the free-floating pet fur that accumulates without carpet to hold it down!