Keeping the sun out

Today I made something very boring. I took our old screen door and replaced the screen in it with sun screen to keep those harsh Texas rays out of our house this summer. Our old sliding door had a film on it to block the sun but the new one does not. I find that using a sun screen works better than trying to apply one of those films yourself.

Now, I just need to build the screen frame for the other side of the door and figure out how in the world to attach it…. that should be easy right?

Making our house more grown-up

In the last three months or so we’ve made drastic changes to our house. We’ve turned it from the dwelling of two grad students into real adults!

The list:

  • Replaced all carpet with DIY stained concrete floors (that’s a post for another day. It will be LONG).
  • Painted living room, dining room, hallway, bedroom, and trim
  • Had a sliding glass door replaced
  • New (or new to us in some cases) furniture: coffee table, end table, TV stand, LED TV, two storage ottomans, a couch cover, and a soon to be delivered dresser and nightstand set
  • Pet supplies: 2 cat beds and 2 dog bed covers sewn to match the new color scheme, cat scratching post and shelves mounted to a wall
  • Most importantly, a roomba to drive around and vacuum up all the free-floating pet fur that accumulates without carpet to hold it down!