Bike training August 8 & 9: Is summer over yet?

It’s my 8th year training for, and riding in, a Bike MS event. This year, I’m riding the Bike MS Rock’n Hot Ride which goes from Little Rock, AR to Hot Springs and back over two days, 140 miles, and 8,000 feet of elevation gain. I ride in memory of my godmother Barbara Hoffman who died of Multiple Sclerosis in December 2014. Please consider supporting my 8th annual Bike MS ride and helping me meet my fundraising goal by donating to the National MS Society.

This weekend I realized that this heat is here to stay. We had such a nice, long, mild spring with lots of rain and now we’re paying the price with 100+ degree days and brutal sun. I try to get my long rides done by noon (and even then it’s hot hot hot) so I have to start early, just as the sun is coming up around 7 am. Maybe next weekend I’ll slap on the bike lights and start earlier. Saturday’s ride was 70 hot, hilly miles to help me prep for lots of climbing in Arkansas.

Good morning, sun:DCIM100GOPRO

Starting south on loop 360:DCIM100GOPROThe clouds were a welcome sight in the morning, keeping the sun off of me for a while:DCIM100GOPRO

Riding along a ridge with good views:DCIM100GOPRO

Picked up my late grandfather’s favorite snack at the gas station since I didn’t have enough bike jersey pocket foods at home. Brought back some memories.DCIM100GOPRO

This picture doesn’t do it justice, but the lake was beautifully sparkly as I approached the bridge in front of Mansfield Dam:DCIM100GOPRO

After making it all the way north on 620, I took a turn to the north on Anderson Mill. Eventually I made my way over to the 183 toll road and took a brief turn onto the new pedestrian and bike trail. Pretty nice! Could use some more shade though.DCIM100GOPRONext I rode on a road I haven’t tried before, up in Cedar Park. It seems new with small trees and a very wide sidewalk:DCIM100GOPROThen I entered the land of the enormous suburban high school sports stadiums:DCIM100GOPRO DCIM100GOPRO

I made it home right around noon, at which point it was definitely too hot.

On Sunday I rode 30 miles around town. I went over on Jollyville Rd and then through the Arboretum and used the bike path the connects from Barnes & Noble over across loop 360:DCIM100GOPRO

Mesa Drive has relatively fresh bike lines, including a dotted line wherever there is a driveway indicating it’s ok to turn through the bike lane. Seemed a bit overkill.


Shoal Creek Blvd is having massive utilities work done and has a bunch of detours leading me down a road I’ve not been on before. Love the Purple Martin Houses and the pretty red standing cypress flowers at this house:DCIM100GOPRO

I will focus on ride more hills on my next few Sunday rides to make sure I can handle two days of decent climbing in a row!

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