Making egg salad

I have plans. Plans to have chickens. Some day. So right now I like to practice eating eggs in preparation. I want backyard chickens for the beautiful eggs they produce. Last week I made a tasty egg salad for dinner.

After hard boiling 5 eggs, I assembled thyme from my garden and fresh dill from the store.

Pretty brown cage free eggs

After shelling the eggs, I added some fresh cracked pepper, a sprinkling of salt, and the herbs.

Next, I used a fork to mash up the eggs with whole grain mustard and light mayonnaise. I also find that plain yogurt can be used for part of the mayonnaise if you want to cut fat or calories. I use mustard, mayo, and herbs to taste.

I like my egg salad on the chunky side so I stop mashing before it’s smooth.

We ate the egg salad with some gorgeous heirloom tomatoes.

To plate our dinner, I chopped romaine lettuce and topped it with heirloom tomato slices and chopped red onion and placed a scoop of egg salad on top. Delicious!

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