I made an owl!

If you’ve followed me on tumblr, you know that 1. I have lots of friends having babies and 2. I started knitting an owl. Well guess what, he’s finished!  Well, at least owl number one is finished. I have two friends that only sort of know each other and they had their first round of children within a few months of one another and now it has also happened for child round number two.

Now that my rambling is complete, here are the details:

Pattern: Lucy’s Owl (Ravelry link)

Yarns used: A combination of Lion’s brand Wool-Ease and Vanna’s Choice

My completed owl (this one is for the baby boy):

A few things I learned while knitting this owl:

  1. The jogless stripes method doesn’t work that well for skinny little legs. It just makes the joints between colors constantly move. Next time I will just leave the color joints on the side of the leg so they aren’t so noticeable.  If you use this method on a hat with thicker stripes, it’s much better.
  2. I’m really bad at sewing eyes and wings on so that they are level with one another.
  3. Somehow the owl turned out way too big. In the pattern photos he’s way smaller. I’m subtracting rows from the body and legs of the second owl I’m working on.
  4. I learned and implemented intarsia knitting.
  5. How to do a picot crochet edge (for the wings) is a skill I now have.
  6. Even when they don’t quite turn out like you expect, owls are still super cute.

Making dog toys

Have you ever seen those fleece rope dog toys at the pet stores? Well, my dog loves them. In addition, they aren’t as messy as a typical knotted or hemp type rope where little strings can be left behind. I realized right away that I could make fleece ropes with all the left over fleece from other projects (the trendy term for this is upcycle). I’ve now made more ropes than I can count for my dog and all of her friends.

I just completed two new rope gifts for some doggies I’ll be visiting soon.

Instructions: cut 3 strips of fleece. The thicker the strip, the thicker the today. Knot at one end. Braid. Knot at the other end. Play tug with a happy dog!